Trixi mobil

Trixi mobils are modern, ecological and comfortable tricycles for one driver and two passengers.

You can meet them in several Slovak towns since June 2007.

The vehicles are equipped with an electric auxiliary motor /250 W/ and are able to reach the speed of 10-25 km in hour. The polyethylene cabin is 100% recyclable. They are 3,05 m long and 1,10 m wide and weigh 144 kg.

Trixi mobils ride in Slovakia for the support of Greenways – a grant program of the Ekopolis Foundation. Slovakia has become country in the world where 5 striking vehicles will provide their services to the public since April till October. The partner of the project of the Ekopolis Foundation is T-Mobile company.

The cabs are produced in Berline since 1997. Nowadays they can be seen in almost every eco-friendly European city. They are mostly called Velotrixi. For example just in Germany you can find the tricycles in 23 cities.


The goal of the Trixi mobil project is to promote ecological, motorless transport, to support Greenways – the grant program of the Ekopolis Foundation and to contribute to the tourism development in Slovakia.

Where can they be found?

Bratislava – Cell Phone: 0904 104 104
Two Trixi mobils ride in the downtown of the capital and its surrounding every day besides 7-9 a.m. and 3-5 p.m.
Trails in the Bratislava downtown:

  1. Square of Ľ. Štúra – Medená st.– Kúpeľná st.– Palackého st.– Jesenského st.– Štúrova st. – Tobrucká st. – Múzejná st. – Vajanského nábrežie – Square of Ľ. Štúra
  2. Square of SNP – Poštová st.– Hurbanovo Square – Square of SNP

Košice – Cell Phone: 0911 567 423 or 0911 KOSICE
Two Trixi mobils will take you from the Bus/Railways Station to the historic center of the city. They ride every day since 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. They are operated in cooperation with the Kosice Town Beauti-fying Society and the MiC KošiceInformation Center. (
Trixi mobils can be found in front of the Tesco Shopping Center (Hlavná st. 111), Dargov Sopping Center (Hlavná 2) and Bus Station.

Prešov – Cell Phone: 0904 444 096
The Trixi mobil can take you on a tour or a short trip in the downtown. It is operated in cooperation with a local non profit organization Slovenský cykloklub – Šariš Prešov ( ) You can find a Trixi mobil in the pedestarian zone every day.


A price of the ride is set according to the length and demandingness of the trail, at the average:
¼ hour – 100 SKK / 3 EUR
½ hour – 170 SKK / 5 EUR
1 hour – 300 SKK / 9 EUR

More information

Photographs, detailed pricelist and trails can you find by: Milan Hronec,

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