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Year 2016

Conference It can be done 2016

The conference was created by Ekopolis Foundation in partnership with Children of Slovakia Foundation, Socia – Social Reform Foundation and Open Society Foundation. The final conference for NGO Fund was held on 21. april.

Videos from It can be done conference:

Year 2015

Conference Yes, it works! 2015

The conference was held on 21th October 2015 in Hotel Saffron – Bratislava, Slovakia .

Yes, it works! 2015 was a non-formal conference bringing examples of good practice in various themes important for the society from the projects realised in the Block Grant for NGOs and Partnership Support of the Swiss – Slovak Cooperation Programme.


Year 2014

Conference Yes, it works! 2014

On 29th October 2014 the Ekopolis Foundation organized an informal conference under the title that speaks for itself – Yes, it works!  The aim of the event was to present excellent practice in inclusion and creating access to income for poor people and to motivate other local communities. Conference took place in Košice – economic and cultural centre of eastern Slovakia. 112 representatives of NGOs, schools and municipalities in Slovakia participated at the conference to learn from inspiring speakers with diverse backgrounds – community field workers, media, schools and universities and NGOs providing a wide range of ideas.

Štefan Straka Svatobor, citizen association

Vladimír Ledecký – mayor of Spišský Hrhov

Jurina Rusnáková – university lecturer of social work

Martin Vavrinčík – lawyer, ETP Slovakia


Year 2010

The nomination video of the EKOPOLIS Foundation for the the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe 2010

Historically the first Slovak Republic Award for Landscape has been awarded to the Ekopolis foundation on 24 th November 2010.

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