Mobility plans for institutions

Project started in June 2016 and it is a 36 months long project supported by the INTERREG Central Europe programme.

MOVECIT aims to make transport more sustainable in times of increasing individual and motorised mobility in central Europe. City representatives, sustainable mobility specialists, environmental and regional agencies as well as NGOs cooperate in the project. 10 partners from 7 Central Europe countries have joined to jointly develop methodology on institutional mobility plan development. City administrations will implement mobility plans for their institutions to change the commuting and business travel habits of their employees. Campaigns will be developed and launched to make cycling, walking, and the use of public transport more popular. At the same time measures like carsharing, bikesharing, e-mobility and improved carpools of city town halls will be introduced in selected cities.

The project seeks to reach a wide audience among municipalities across the Central Europe region, creating a large-scale impact, and in the longterm ongoing training on mobility plan development. In order to achieve this, MOVECIT creates and implements its training transferred to national environment and two Study visits and exploits its outputs for a long-term impact.

Through MOVECIT project selected cities will benefit from mobility plan created for city hall administration. Project partners appointed as know-how provider will work intensely with the municipalities appointed as know-how receiver. In the stakeholder involvement process several events will be organized to reach the wider acceptance of the plans. The pilot actions and pilot investments will be implemented to test the commitment of the staff employed at the municipality administration.

Communication and promotion activities will target more or less the staff working at the municipality administration. Trendy campaign will influence heart and mind of the target groups accompanied by promotional and thematic Giveaways.

In MOVECIT project 13 institutional mobility plans will be developed and adopted. 7 pilot actions such as developing personal travel plans, installation of sophisticated integrated bike boxes, purchasing of bike cargos will be implemented in the project lifetime.

What is even more important is the fact that MOVECIT project will target also additional municipalities to apply the new methodology for elaborating institutional mobility plans and launch the snow ball effect among municipalities.

Several municipalities are already dealing with SUMP development but not many of them have ever started thinking or working on the basic strategy as MOVECIT institutional mobility plan. The public institutions which will benefit from these plans are delighted and keen on mobility plan’s process.

The project activities have already started with the first workshops with the city representatives to test their willingness and to find out their needs, obstacles, opportunities not only in the terms of mobility planning process, but also in terms of stakeholder involvement process as it has the priority in planning.

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