Donor Services

Services provided by the Foundation Ekopolis

We provide a variety of services to donors that correspond with our values and mission, yet they do not have to be directly connected to our actual programs.

Thanks to our rich experiences and deep understanding of the nonprofit sectors needs, we can provide consultations in formulating corporate, philanthropy or sponsoring programs.

Philanthropy and Charity Program Design and Implementation
for corporations as well as individual donors. Based on an agreement with a client we identify and propose appropriate topics, a target audience, coverage in the media, ways to raise interest and awareness of the target audience, and how to provide the implementation process.

of grant programs funded by private or public funds. Our qualified team with many years of experience in administering large scale grant-making programs is able to provide information and consultations to grant applicants, to administer large sums of grant proposals, to arrange an impartial process of proposal assessment, to prepare contracts, to transfer funds, to monitor approved activities and to report the results to donors.

Evaluating the impact and effectiveness of philanthropic programs of corporate or international donors.

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