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Help us improve the environment!

Your gift will help active individuals who are trying to change the world around you and us. The key word of the Ekopolis Foundation is an active citizen who takes fate into his hands and is unwilling to indulge in helping others.

Our projects can be supported by financial donations and support for the foundation. We are one of the first nonprofit organizations in Slovakia that have begun to build their foundation since the early 1990s. Our goal is to support, in the future, from grassroots revenues activities aimed at the defense of civil and human rights, as well as innovative projects that we see as a natural and very necessary part of the Foundation’s support. Thanks to your donations and contributions, we are able to provide ongoing support for projects aimed at the restoration and construction of cycle paths, hiking trails, public spaces, as well as the treatment and planting of greenery. A financial gift can also be seen through 2% tax and online portals, for example

However, the financial contribution is not the only way to support the Foundation and its activities. Other forms are also welcome – non-financial, such as a material gift, free provision of services and volunteer work. Thanks to your support and sympathy with the activities of our foundation, you can become a member of the Ekopolis Foundation Friends Club. The Friends Club is here for everyone who wants to be informed, invited to interesting social events and is willing to advise us to be even more useful and inspiring to society.

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