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The NGO Fund was aimed at fostering the development of a civil society, to promote social justice, democracy and sustainable development. The fund was part of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014, in which the donor countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway contribute to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area. Considerable attention was paid to the development of bilateral relations between the donor countries and Slovakia. The financial contribution amounted to € 7.4 million.

The Fund was implemented through two programmes: Active citizenship and inclusion, which was managed by the Ekopolis Foundation, in partnership with the Foundation for Children of Slovakia and Socia – Social Reform Foundation and Democracy and human rights administered by the Open Society Foundation.

Issued: 2016


The Block Grant for NGOs and Partnership Support of the Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme


The Block Grant for NGOs and Partnership Support of the Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme (further as Block Grant) was a part of the financial contribution of the Swiss Confederation in the enlarged EU and co-fi nanced from the state budget of the Slovak Republic. One of its two parts, the Block Grant for NGOs, was a grant scheme established to support projects of Slovak social and environmental NGOs through so-called Small projects. The second part, the Block Grant for Partnership Support, was aimed at supporting partnership projects of Slovak and Swiss institutions through so-called Joint projects. The Intermediary of the Block Grant was the Ekopolis Foundation which implemented the Block Grant in partnership with the SOCIA – Social Reform Foundation and the Carpathian Foundation.

Issued: 2015


Block Grant Toward Sustainable Development through Support of Environmental NGOs in Slovakia

Blokovy grant

This publication brings basic facts on individual projects of NGOs, activities, they realised and outcomes the NGOs achieved. The Block Grant was strategically aimed at increasing the capacity of environmental NGOs to effectively participate in public discussions, propose and implement innovative solutions to environmental issues and their solving as well as creating functional partnerships with organizations
from other sectors. In three calls for proposals (2008 – 2009), the Ekopolis Foundation supported 34 projects with the total sum of 2.379 million EUR in the areas of support: Protection of the environment, Support of Energy Efficiency and use of Renewable Energy Sources, Support of Food Safety, Environmental Education.

This publication was issued in the frame of the project “Block Grant Support for Environmental Non-governmental Organisations for Sustainable Development” financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and the state budget of the Slovak Republic. (

Issued: 2010


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