Give a waste the second chance

In May, the Ekopolis foundation started the 2nd year of a project Envirolearning for young, and national competition on Instagram called „Give a waste the second chance“ as its part. Up to fourteen primary and high schools were joined, 3 of them were picked with the most creative ideas. The competition consisted of the so-called upcycling of the used materials, PET bottles, textiles or paper for other usable materials – tools or decorations for school.

„The aim of this competition is to focus on recycling of waste in this time of extreme consum. We want to contrive that students do not see do not see recyclable materials as waste that ends immediately in the trash bin, but to see that things can still be used,” said Martina Ragalová, PR manager of Nadácia Ekopolis.

Three of the involved schools that came with the most creative ideas of the second chance for the waste, they will receive a prize in the form of a financial gift and eco-bag for their pupils.

„Most of created ideas, which students made up, were really surprising, From the photos and the description of all the activities we have received, we have seen that the pupils not only thought about the objects they found to be practical, but also about their design. We are very grateful to the fact that they also deal with environmental issues in education,” adds Peter Medveď, director of Nadácia Ekopolis.

  • Winners:
  • 1st prize – Primary school KAPA, Žilina, prize 500 eur
  • 2.prize – Primary school, prize 300 eur
  • 3.miesto – Primary and elementary school Lučenec, prize 200 eur

The competition was held as a part of the project „Envirolearning of young people 2018“ of Nadácia Ekopolis and Nadácia Slovenskej sporiteľne.

For more informations please contact Program Manager: Milan Hronec, tel. 048 / 470 10 95,  0911 452 457,

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