Bratislava´s city districts and the village Rovinka can request Slovnaft´s grant – aided programme Good Neighbour for a financial support

The company Slovnaft has a long-term and purposeful effort to enhance the life quality in the immediate surrounding of the refinery. A grant – aided programme called Good neighbour helps in its spring´s appeal. The grant – aided programme enables the habitants of the Bratislava´s city districts Vrakuňa, Ružinov, Podunajské Biskupice and the village Rovinka to initiate and participate in the formation, renovation and development of interesting, public and accessible places. The Bratislava´s city districts can also request a grant to organize sport or cultural events. The amount of one contribution for one project is 4000 E. An important criterion to obtain the grant is the habitant´s willingness to participate and take part in the changes in their surrounding in an active and voluntarily way. It is also important the applicants cooperate with the local municipalities and local non-profit organizations.

Ten projects in the grant-aided programme Good Neighbour received a financial support in the last year. The restoration of neglected land into a workout playground in Podunajské Biskupice; organizing a triathlon competition A neighbour´s run Rovinka or a renovation of children´s playground in Vrakuňa were among them.

Who can request the financial grant:

  1. registered non-governmental, non-profit organizations
  2. kindergartens, primary and secondary schools
  3. community centres and centres of free time
  4. Bratislava´s city districts and the village Rovinka

The supported projects have to be carried out to six months since they obtained the grant. The applicants can find more information, the programme´s criterion and the application form

on and or contact Ľubica Štúberová, the programme manager of Ekopolis Foundation.

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