Grammar School of Andrej Sládkovič in Banská Bystrica got a new atrium

Biodiversity for Schools Project (SK: Biodiverzita do škôl) draws attention to climate change. It helps the schools all over Slovakia to improve their grounds. Students of Grammar School in Banská Bystrica decided to focus on the school’s atrium. They removed part of the concrete pavements and added greenery that will make the area much prettier and will provide shade on hot days.

14 different school groups participate in the Biodiversity for Schools Project overseen by Ekopolis Foundation. The groups prepare real solutions that aim to improve micro-climate on school grounds and create an interesting educational environment. Each school was awarded a grant from Stredoslovenská and Podtatranská vodárenská prevádzková spoločnosť and company Veolia.

The most difficult moment – that truly tested the muscles of the participating students – was to prepare two zones for greenery in the concrete pavements. In the beginning of May, first birch trees and many perennials were planted. The greenery zones are designed to be irrigated by the rain water, and additional irrigation will only be needed in case of extreme drought. “The plants seem to be quite small now, after just being planted, but in few years, they will be the green centre of the atrium. ” explains Štefan Jančo, one of the program managers of Biodiversity for Schools Project. “The schools is planning to add few more elements to the atrium and to other spots on the grounds to improve biodiversity, for example – raised bed herb gardens, vertical greenery systems, insect hotels, and nesting boxes.” adds Jančo.

Other students’ projects also aim to add flowerbeds, fruit bushes that bloom and give fruit during the school months, or to build raised beds for herbs, vegetable or strawberries. The school grounds will not only become pleasant places to relax but will also provide calm and pleasing environment for lessons given outdoors.

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Program manager: Lucia Rossová,, 00421 910 404 235

Program manager: Štefan Jančo,, 00421 48 470 10 94

PR manager: Martina Ragalová,, 00421 908 371 289


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