Green belt: Join into the voting for green projects

The current year of the programme Green Belts goes into its next phase. The professional committee has choosen, from 166 applied applications, the twelve best proposals and they have granted a direct financial support. At the same time they have choosen 28 projects and the general public will decide on them till 16th February via online voting.

An overall number of 166 proposals have been registered into the grant-aided programme Green Belts which has taken place for 15th consecutive years. The professional committee has had hard work also this year to choose the best projects of the 166 proposals. The projects of planting out the chestnut parkway close to the village Vinosady or the restoration of the part Frambor in Žilina are in the twelve best projects which were granted with a direct financial support. The project of new educative group of beehives in the town Gelnica and the project of non-profit organization Dorka which wants to build a community garden in the centre of emergency living in Košice were also granted financial aid. „The professional committee has also choosen 28 proposals from the all applied proposals to vote for. These 28 proposals represent a multicoloured range how we can actively change our surroundings to a more greener ones“ adds Ľubica Štúberová from Ekopolis Foundation. „Now the general public will decide in voting which projects will be successful. The voting will take from the 2nd to 16th February 2021 on the web page of the programme“ says Štuberová. Everyone can support diligent people and their excellent ideas by his/her vote in the next two weeks ́time. Furthermore they can create oasis full of green spaces and environment which supports a biodiversity.

The company Slovnaft a.s. supports the programme Green Belts and they will support the projects with the financial aid of 60 thousand Euros. You can find all the essential information on the web page or

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