Greenery to the center – life to the city: we brought to life the area supported by the Green Belt program

With the participation of the Mayor of Štúrovo, Eugen Szabó, another of the green projects in this city was ceremoniously opened on Monday, August 3, and handed over for use.

After the construction of the roundabout on the main street, several unimproved areas remained. Areas in front of the Basic Art School were modified by planting flowers, shrubs and lawns and created a functionally and aesthetically valuable area designed not only for relaxation, but also as a useful habitat for insects and small songbirds, to which it provides not only shelter but also food.

The project coordinator Frederika Csokasová, from the municipal office in Štúrovo said, the area was also modified thanks to the exemplary cooperation of the municipal office and active pensioners associated in the New Century Pensioners’ Club and teachers of the Ferenc Liszt Elementary Art School in Štúrovo.

The mayor expressed his sincere thanks to all collaborators and supporters of the project, stressing that this form of cooperation between the city council and active citizens is standard in the city and allows the city to engage in current challenges to beautify the city and further improve life in it.

Short report on RTVS (46th minute)

The project “Greenery to the center – life to the city” was supported within the 14th year of the Green Belt program of the Ekopolis Foundation and the company SLOVNAFT company in the amount of 3 000€ which were used to purchase planting material.

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