Hidepark in Nitra celebrated its 10th birthday with a new fireplace

Despite the difficult times, the volunteers in Nitra managed to revive the space of the summer cultural and community centre. A new fireplace or bicycle stands were added. Visitors to the Hidepark could also try these innovations on Saturday, August 29, during the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of its founding.

Through the Kelt Helps Nature project, for the third year in a row, the Ekopolis Foundation has been supporting a community of people, who like to spend time in nature or meeting friends on a barbecue. This year, two popular sites were supported within the project. The first is the area of ​​the forest park and the visited Partizánska lúka in the Bratislava City Forests, where four new fireplaces, wooden seating, trash cans and stairs to the Vydrica stream have been added.

Further support went to the sought-after cultural and community centre Hidepark in Nitra. The volunteers started the first works at the beginning of the year, when it was necessary to carry out excavation work. During several brigades, the terrain was adjusted and levelled for safe access, and the whole area was revived mainly by a new fireplace, which used material from a worn grill. The temporary workers also installed bicycle stands and built furniture.

“Most of the time and energy was taken up by the preparatory phase of the circular platform of the hearth itself, which consisted of excavation work, installation of curbs, transport of material and its final modification. After the preparation phase, we started with making of multifunctional wooden boxes, which are used by visitors to the fireplace, either for sitting or preparing food. The hearth is a certain part of the day in direct sunlight, which is why we also made other mobile wooden boxes that can be moved as needed, as well as bicycle stands, “says Filip Stranovský, director of Hidepark.

The final brigade and the grand opening were scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 23, 2020. However, due to measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers had to postpone the opening to the public until the end of the summer. “Since the opening of our summer season was slowed down by the current situation around COVID-19, we decided to renovate the old grill, which completed the daily part of the Hidepark, as part of the project plan of the fireplace,” explains Lenka Mareková, PR manager from Hidepark. The celebration of the 10th anniversary itself was accompanied by stricter health and safety measures.

“We are very pleased that, despite the difficult times, we have managed to continue to enhance our favourite natural places in Slovakia. As part of the Kelt Helps Nature project, this time we focused on the popular Nitra Hidepark. A local fireplace will be waiting for the local nature lovers, among other things. We believe that visitors will enjoy it in full health in the company of loved ones and friends, “informs Radoslava Stratená, brand manager for the Kelt brand.

Hidepark was established in 2010, originally as a place for music meetings. The volunteers set about expanding and revitalizing the tailings pond and the remains of the black dump. Today, visitors will be welcomed by a community garden, a pumptrack, an u-ramp, petanque, parkour, a podium, a kitchen and facilities for volunteers from local civic associations. Every year, Hidepark also offers a summer program focused on alternative culture, sports and ecology.


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