In the 2017, another 23 green oases will come to life all over Slovakia

Revitalisation of the park, recreation of the nature trail, creation of the community garden and many others ecological projects all over Slovakia will be realized thanks to support from grant program Green oases. In the 11th volume set by the Ekopolis foundation and the company SLOVNAFT, a.s., 23 projects obtained financial support worth 56 000 euros.

Grant program Green oases encourages creation, reconstruction or revitalization of ecologically valued locations and routes. Grant could be asked by registered non-governmental and nonprofit organizations, primary and high schools, educational establishment, centre of free time, community centres or towns and municipalities. Important goal of this program is support of cooperation and partnership on the local level. There are 338 applicants that have registered their projects in this volume grant program and the consultative organ has sent 80 projects to the second round.

During 11 years of functioning of the grant program Green oases, we have convinced ourselves that we don’t need exclusively big projects to improve our surrounding. Good idea is important but also being up to create it and engagement of people and community. And that’s how people make even closer relationship to the environment, in which they live.” said Anton Molnár, director of business and marketing communication for SLOVNAFT inc.

Green oases enter into their second decade. More than two hundreds realised projects in the sphere of the natural and cultural heritage protection and free time activity protection and thousands of involved volunteers have already confirmed firstly just our assumption and expectation that supporting local active people with the interest in their surrounding is beyond measure convenient “investment”. People surprise us all the time with their excitement, creativity, determination and with their active positive relationship with their city, where they live and which they want to recreate according to their ideas and needs,” said Milan Hronec, program manager of the Ekopolis foundation.

Training centre for young bee-keepers can be found among projects that impressed the consultative organ for the grant program in 2017. The goal of this project is to made a place in the open-air museum of the Ľubovniansky castle, where people can get to know more about the beekeeping as a craft and as a hobby. They plan to plant a fruit grove with traditional woods, a place with fruit bushes, a spot with benches where people can learn from presentations and demonstrations with beehives and to build boards with description of the beekeeper’s year and the bee’s life.

Among interesting projects we can find the project Braille is not only learnt from book, whose goal is to build a garden with interactive items customised for blind people in the area of boarding school in Bratislava – Katrova Ves. This garden wants to connect people from healthy population with handicapped children and to ruin barriers and prejudices about differences.

It will be interesting to watch a result of the project From Calvary to Krížny hill. The project, offered by the town Levice, by interconnecting two locations aims to create interesting touristic route connecting two educational routs.

Projects supported in this volume of the program will be realised in the season from april to september 2017.

Detailed information about supported projects can be found on the website, and More information will provide program manager of The Ekopolis foundation Milan Hronec, 048 / 470 10 95, 0911 452 457,

Supported projects in 2017 from the grand program Green oases:

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