Nominations for the Tree of the Year 2020 extended

Corona crisis has affected all parts of our lives. We have therefore decided to extend the deadline for nominations for the Tree of the Year 2020 award. Do not forget – it is not important how old or beautiful the tree is – What matter is the story and connection to people.

How to nominate a tree?

  • You can register and nominate the tree online here; or
  • You can fill in a nomination sheet and send it to: Ekopolis Foundation, Komenského 21, 974 01 Banská Bystrica. Mark the envelope “Tree of the year 2020”. Please send the nomination sheet in 3 hard copies, include 3–5 photographs of the tree in print. If possible, please send photographs taken from various angles or during different seasons. Please send the loose copies, do not clip nor bind them, and do not use plastic sleeves.
  • New deadline for nominations is May 7, 2020.
  • Please use onlyone of the above ways– do not send in the same nominee twice.. Before sending your nominee, please check:
    • Online nominations: The maximum allowed attachment size is 5 MB.
    • Hard copy nominations: The envelope must contain 3x form, 3–5 photographs, and it is marked “Tree of the year”.

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