The Living trails will also be improved in 2022

In its 14th year, the Living trails program will support a varied mix of projects, the main goal of which is the restoration, repair or maintenance of tourist and cycling signs, as well as recreational and attractive places for tourists in their immediate vicinity. The program is organized by the Ekopolis Foundation thanks to long-term cooperation with the Horalky brand.

Since March 1, the Ekopolis Foundation has been collecting project proposals that will apply for support in the total amount of 10,000 EUR. The goal of the program is to restore or improve the tourist and cycling infrastructure. This year, the program will also focus on supporting physical objects according to needs in selected locations – the building or repair of bridges, ladders, shelters, or wells will be supported.

We have been cooperating with the Ekopolis foundation on the Living Trails program for several years, because hiking and the Highlands are simply inextricably linked. We are pleased that the most popular wafers in Slovakia are thus contributing to the restoration of the tourist and cycling infrastructure. We appreciate the work of all volunteers and are glad that Horalky helps to return the love that customers show to people and nature,” says Marián Gombík, marketing manager of the Horalky brand.

An organization that has been active for a long time in the field of hiking, cycling, tourism, development and beautification of the environment, or territory management can apply for support. The deadline for accepting proposals is April 7, 2022.

“The benefits of the Living trails program are mainly partnerships, cooperation, brigades, joining forces for a good cause. This is essential nowadays, and that is why we are glad that we can continue to implement this program,” says Ján Roháč, program manager of Living Paths at the Ekopolis Foundation.

The Living trails program was established in 2008, initially supporting only projects in national parks. Since 2012, the program has been focused on the whole of Slovakia, thanks to long-term cooperation with the Horalky brand. In the course of the years 2008-2021, a total of 1,036 km of hiking and cycling trails were restored through the Living trails program, with tens of thousands of painted signs and hundreds of signposts.

More information can be found at this link.

Contact person: program manager Ján Roháč,, 0905 240 137

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