„Planting for the future“. A new season of Green Belt programme has already started

Green vegetation brings many substantial benefits to people´s lives. It has a positive effect on their psychological and physical health; it increases the value of public spaces; it mitigates the impact on climate changes. Therefore the next season of grant – aided programme Green Belt whose motto is:“Planting for the future“ wants people to encourage to plant out green vegetation for healthier and nicer environment.  Non-profit organizations, community centres, schools, cities or towns, villages are eligible for the grant to improve their environment in their surroundings. The company Slovnaft and Ekopolis Foundation will divide a total sum of money 60 000 E  among the best projects in the programme Green Belt. It is enough to have a great idea and willingness to accomplish a task.   

Constructing new offices in cities and towns causes a great disproportion between the grade of green areas and building areas. Therefore we will support enthusiasts and local patriots who want to turn green their surroundings and make something clearly beneficial to their city/town“ says a project manager from Ekopolis Foundation Milan Hronec.

„The invitation to submit  project proposals is open since 7th of December 2020 to 18th January 2021. Consequently the  Selection committee will choose the best project proposals. In addition they will automatically receive a financial support. At the same time the selection committee will choose minimum of two another projects from each region and the public will decide on the winners  in an online voting. The winning projects will already be carried out in the spring 2021.

The Programme Green Belt supported for 14 years  more than 350 green projects in Slovakia.

New or reconstructed green spaces fulfill their role not only from the point of view of environment but also from the point of view of creating relationships between local communities. We also want to support projects in the 15th season  of the programme Green Belt which will bring more green spaces to our cities (which will create more green spaces in our cities) and will serve to public“, adds Anton Molnár, the director of the communication section of Slovnaft a.s.

A total number of 179 projects were submitted to the 14th season of the programme of Green Belt. The grant comittee of the programme of Green Belt  and the public chose  the best 23 projects.  You can find detailed information on how you can apply for a grant in the programme of Green Belt and who can apply for a grant in a our dropdown menu (secondary navigation) of the programme Green Belt.

The programme manager of Ekopolis Foundation Milan Hronec will provide more information too.  048/470 10 95 hronec@ekopolis.sk

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