A positive change which will delight us: More green spaces will be in the surrondings of Tesco stores.

When Tesco stores carries out all their activities they always think on the protection of resources of our Earth. Therefore Tesco cares about embellishing and improving their close surroundings of the stores which Tesco operates in Slovak republic.

Tesco will combine the biodiversity support with the natural design aesthetics in the choosen areas.

The changes will prosper to environment; they will delight visitors; and they will bring many interesting pieces of information to visitors. The Tesco company with the cooperation of Ekopolis Foundation  will facility innovations in the selected areas which will be placed in the close surroundings of the  stores. The emphasis will be put on protection and support of native species of plants and animals. Moreover the changes can functionally improve environment by cooling air during hot days. Tesco stores and Ekopolis Foundation they will jointly focus on stores´areas in Humenné, Partizánske, Prešov and in Trnava in the next year. They will plant jointly bushes, trees in various places. At the same time they will prioritize to select the native types of plants.

„The native types of  plants are definitely a more convenient choice for our native animals. For example, more than 30 types of birds types feed themselves with the fruits of rowan;  just a few types of our birds feed themselves with similar fruits of Orange glow whose  origin lies in another part of the world“ said Štefan Jančo from Ekopolis Foundation who coordinates the project.

Another favourable elements for biodiversity will be placed in each area:

wooden elements, rocky fields, little houses for wild types of bees or nesting boxes. Flower beds will be created from suitably choosen seeds and from planted plants will decorate the choosen areas. The plants will also attract various pollinators, for example butterflies or bees.

The project managers also think about people. People intensively use similar places/areas. Therefore it is meaningful to harmonize the coexistence of people and nature as much as possible. Therefore Ekopolis Foundation will pay a massive attention to designing new elements. Ekopolis Foundation will not only cooperate  with garden designers but also with art designers when creating the new elements. Information boards will be a part of our projects and they will bring interesting pieces of information to the visitors.

„We at Tesco we proudly choose a responsible approach to our Earth´s natural resources and we try  to protect our environment. We also want to show an inspiring example concerning the close environment of our stores. We take delight in innovations with the cooperation of Ekopolis Foundation. We believe that those innovations will contribute to increased quality of our areas in the close proximity of our Tesco stores, from the point of view of design, functionality, and of course from the point of view of contribution to environment“ said Katarína Pšenáková, the CSR manager of Tesco in Slovakia.

The surroundings of Tesco stores can become a part of the international project Biodiversity – oriented Design of Business Premises in case of successfull realization of this project. This project is carried out by Ekopolis Fundation in Slovak republic thanks to a project EU LIFE BooGI – BOP.

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