In Slovakia, new bike holders have been added up thanks to the support of chocolate waffles Horalky by the company Sedita

In this volume of the program Live pathways, organised by The Ekopolis Foundation with the support of Horalky by Sedita, service bike holders were set up on 6 slovak biketrails.

We are very happy that we could again team up with The Ekopolis Foundation in enhancing our beautiful Slovakia. Each year, slovak Horalky by Sedita are trying to return to Slovakia the love that was given to them. I think it is their duty. Besides that Horalky by Sedita are one of the most selling waffles on the slovak market, it is a brand that has a special place in hearts of Slovaks. Horalky hiding in backpack during hiking with family or friends, have been for many years inherently participating on sharing feelings of joy, ease and happiness with the loved ones. And to continue to do so, beautiful projects like those organised by The Ekopolis Foundation must exist. In this year, it is project supporting more and more popular cyclotourism in Slovakia. And we will be happy if Horalky by Sedita will help to feed the hunger on the roads, to make us over the moon, but also to manage a small bicycle repair,” says Katarína Ferenczová, the director of marketing I.D.C. Holding, JSC.

On chosen biketrails, there were set service bike holders which allow users of biketrails to make small bike service or to inflate bike tires. It is a popular element of  cyclo infrastructures in Europe, very positively welcomed by users. The holder contains a set of basic tools and a pump.

Service bike holders were installed in 6 spots:

Bike trail of Bystrica in Krásno nad Kysucou – Nová Baňa, Region of Kysuce.

Trstená – Nowy Targ (slovak part), Region of Orava,

Spišská Belá – Tatranská Kotlina Region of Tatry,

Bike trails of Tokaj – information centre Čerhov, Region of Tokaj,

Moča – Eurovelo 6, Bike trail of Dunaj,

Biely Kríž in Malé Karpaty (system of bike trails) above city district Bratislava-Rača

 The goal of the program Live pathways is restoration and improvement of hiking trails and public areas used by tourists. The program Live pathways came into existence in 2007 and originally it only supported projects in national parks. Since 2012 it is actually oriented into the whole Slovakia. Financial support focuses on renovation and improvement of hiking trails and public areas used by tourists. During years 2007 – 2016, the program Live pathways helped to restore overall 1 000 km of hiking trails and thousands of painted tourists signs as well as hundreds of direction signs that can be found on them.

More information can be found in or at the program manager Ján Roháč, 0905 240 197

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