Stories from the project Biodiversity at schools

The project Biodiversity at schools supports change at schools and in the school premises in order to increase diversity which will lead not only  to better microclimate in the school premises but also to create an interesting educational space for students. Fourteen schools across Slovakia have been eligible for  a financial grant to carry out their proposals. The financial grant has been provided by the company Veolia and by Stredoslovenská a Podtatranská vodárenská prevádzková spoločnosť.

Today we want to share nuggets of information on  finished proposals and results at school with you.

Grammar School Janka Kráľa Zlaté Moravce uses their renewed school garden  to the maximum level. The teachers and the director of the school began to plant out fruit bushes during the first lockdown in the spring of the year 2020. The students got involved in other tasks related to creating elevated flower beds and creating wooden banks in the school premises. They planned to divide optically the area with wooden banks from the green space which goes from the access road. Nowadays they use the area with wooden banks to the maximum level to give classes outdoors. The classes in their nice garden are very agradable during Indian summer in progress.

Grammar School A.H. Škultétyho in Veľký Krtiš is currently finishing their tasks  in the project Biodiverzita do škôl. The students have created elevated garden beds and they are planting out trees; she-students will plant out other plants. They will use decorative wood plants and other plants at the main entrance during innovative biology and natural science classes. They have also planted climbing plants as a basis for the future green wall to a summerhouse. Moreover they will use the summerhouse for classes during spring and summer months.

Primary school with kindergarden K. Rapoša in Brezno They have undertaken a big reconstruction of the atrium of the school. They have replaced the original concrete space with green spaces and various playing elements. Students, teachers and parents have got involved in the tasks. With the time passing other woody plants will gradually be added up in the atrium. The woody plants will provide supplementary shadow in the hot days. They have even planted edible fruit bushes and perennial plants in the areal around the school. They have created an impressive herb spiral from unused wooden sticks and they have also added a new campfire for  school barbecues.

Primary school in Poprad has decided for a gradual change of their atrium. They have decided to change  the predominant concrete surface into predominant green surface. It will be used to spend breaks but also provide classes. The rainwater will be led from the roof of the atrium into a small pond. The students of the school participated in the construction of  the small pond. They had firstly dug the flowers  out and replanted the ones which had originally grown there. The students have also helped with digging out the hole and they have carried stones and crushed stones to create the pond.

Girls have cooperated with the plantation of a year long blossoming flowers for bees and butterflies beds, and also elevated herb beds. Before the winter comes they want to replace the old inoperative fence with a plantation of decorative and edible fruit bushes.

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