The close of the competition FOR THE WATER is approaching

Young people can send their proposals of effective solutions in problem of dealing with water management until the end of January 2017. The best three propositions will be rewarded by financial contribution worth 1100 €, 550 € and 200 €. The Ekopolis foundation in cooperation with Nestlé organize already second volume of the competition FOR THE WATER, which connects young people with those who want to solve concrete problems with water in their towns and villages.

Students and young people aged under 30 years, who can chose a specific problem in list of possibilities published on the website of the competition, may compete. Listed proposals involve interception of precipitation, revitalization of the Váh branch and the wetland in Pruské or resolving problems of soil erosion and floods during storm rainfall in village Sebedín-Bečov. Competitors may use even their own idea which will bring an innovative and inspiring gain for responsible water management.

“Responsible water management is a priority topic for Nestlé. We aren’t satisfied only with water savings in our factories. We advance further and we want to involve the general public into water protection, mostly young people, to which we give the opportunity to apply their creativity and to gain valuable skills with project making.” Martina Šilhánová said, manager for CSR from the company Nestlé.

During October and November 2016 seminar meetings were taking place in three slovak towns. The main objective of these seminar meetings was to inform and inspire not only students and young people involved in the competition FOR THE WATER, but also all the people who at any level decide about land, water or settlement utilization, to plan and to apply measures for effective water management. Seminar meetings were also opened for expert community, employees of public administration, academic field, active citizens and members of non-governmental organizations.

“The competition is very special for me, mostly because of its topic, which our society – state administration and local self-administration – ignores and underestimates in the long term, despite knowing that it is an essentially important topic for all of us, for the wider impacts in form of subsistence method, migration wave etc. It is not so rare that the third sector started to handle the issue, it always happens when the problem is ignored by those, who keep hold of force and law… but that the topic is discussed by the whole range of public from students through non-profit organizations, regular citizens, teachers etc. An ordinary person apparently perceives water much more sensitively than politician or manager of public issues.” said Ing. Eva Wernerová, mentor and member of critical jury.

Competitive proposal must be sent until the end of January 2017. Beside description of the solution, it must involve a framing estimation of finances and evaluation of risks. Thereafter the critical jury will choose one of the six competitive teams of students, which will move on to the finales in March. Before that, finalists will be able to complete a presentation skills training in the partnership organisation in Czech republic.

“The competition FOR THE WATER offered me an opportunity to apply my knowledge in the issue, which we were dipping into during my studies. And so I had the chance to try to solve the problem in practice, help there, where it is needed, improve my presentation skills, learn something new from expert mentors and last but not least, I could meet a lot of new people. The competition is unique because through innovative ideas of young people, it tries to offer free solution of the problem, that is also reestimated by the expert jury”   Michal Gašparovič, who won the second place in the competition FOR THE WATER 2015/16, bringing us up closer his experience.

On the 10th March of 2017 the finale of the competition is going to take place, during which finalists are going to present their proposals in front of the jury and then the jury will announce results of the competition. Three proposals of the young people will receive reward worth 1100 €, 550 € and 200 €. After the end of the competition, involved municipalities and organisations will receive proposals of the solutions and they can make use of them for solving problems with water as they’re going to be needed. The winner of the slovak finale will present his work on the conference in Prague on the occasion of World Water Day.

More information about the competition FOR THE WATER can be found by the program manager Martina B. Paulíková on the e-mail, and on the website

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