The Ekopolis Foundation and Market Locator spread good news

Market Locator, provider of population analytics and the Ekopolis Foundation bring information about interesting projects.

The Ekopolis Foundation is the pilot partner of the new project by Market Locator, whose matter is supporting interesting things about Slovakia by helping to attract public, local habitants or passers-by, so they can get to know about good ideas and treasures that particular regions of our country offer.

The next project using services of Market Locator is Natural park near the river Váh in Trenčín, which came into existence with support of The Ekopolis Foundation.

This multifunctional classroom in nature is formed by 500 metres long educational and relaxation path between the Orechovský brook and the river Váh. It is destined for walking, horse tourism or recreational run and the part of it is made by free time zones with benches, small genetic fund fruit grove, information panels and fireplace.

We aim for projects that we support to live, to by visited and so people get used to them and accept them as a part of their city. Spring weather lures people outside and so we started to invite local habitants using the modern tool Market Locator for a sunny walk right to the Natural park,“ said Ján Roháč, program manager of the Ekopolis Foundation.

Market Locator is inovative tool, which through simple web interface allows to target a campain by a few clicks. It is the service similar to Google AdWords, but in the physical world – in the surrounding of any interesting place in Slovakia. „Together with our clients we decided to support worthy ideas by doing what we are good at – exact targeting and addressing to public. We realise that we have our role even in a field of public responsibility and we are glad that there are other projects showing up and helping the community development in Slovakia,“ adds Peter Fusek, director of Market Locator.

To support and to drag into the project also young people, Market Locater created a brand DingoDot – tireless dingo dog who observe where was a new turistic attraction bulit or where was a historical monument reconstructed, he even sniffs out amazing tips on family trip or other interesting things. „We’re happy that together we found the modern way to speak to people for a good cause and to show them our activities supporting a tourism development“ adds on Ján Roháč from the Ekopolis Foundation.

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