The TOP project award went to volunteers from Zálesie

At the end of November, due to the worsening pandemic situation, we were unable to meet the volunteers in person, who, thanks to the best project in the Green Oases program, received the TOP project 2021 award and a check worth 1000 EUR. However, we managed to hold this meeting in the spring, on March 23, 2022, right in the village of Zálesie.

We bring you a short photo report from yesterday’s meeting in the village of Zálesie, where the civic association Naše Zálesíčko was awarded the TOP project Green Oasis 2021 for the planting of the Fruit Alley. Symbolically, on this occasion, together with the representatives of SLOVNAFT a.s. they planted a plum tree, which supports the idea of ​​volunteers from Zálesie. Even in this way, we want to maintain good relations and support local communities. Communities that sensitively shape their surroundings so that they live well in it and fulfill environmental functions and have a positive impact on local plant and animal diversity.

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