Toyota has supported Live pathways again

The goal of the program Live pathways is long term support for reconstruction and development of hiking and cyclotourist trails in Slovakia. Financial support is focusing on improving pathways, educational routes and public places used by tourists.

Since 2007, when Toyota became the partner for the first time, presidium of the program Live pathways lent support to 40 projects that included improving almost 1000 km of tourist hiking trails in Slovakia, their painted hiking marking, dozens of hiking pointers, maps and informational panels, shelters, footbridges and bridges, wells and so on.

In 2007, Toyota became for the seventh time the partner of the program Live pathways, announced by  The Ekopolis Foundation with the company Toyota Central Europe – Slovakia.

In 20017 these three projects obtained the support:

  1. Slovak cyclo club has renewed cyclotourist marking of the trial EuroVelo 13 Route of the Iron Curtain along the river Morava. The maintenance of the condition of cyclotourist marking took place in the section from Záhorská Ves to Bratislava. Volunteers set up three new map panels (Malé Leváre, Devínske jazero, Vysoká pri Morave) and two panels of the educational trail (Malé Leváre, Devínske jazero). They as well cleaned impassable routes from greenery that had dangerously grown into the runway of biketrail, these were locations Horný les near the village Vysoká pri Morave
  2. The slovak tourist club in Krupina renewed tourist marking on the access road to the castle Čabraď in the middle of Slovakia, they added touristic map including the holder. Besides that they made a foodbridge to the steam and rearranged the rest stop Konský laz.
  3. The village Hrabušice in Spiš adjusted surrounding of the pond in Poldesok, which is the access place to the ravine Suchá Belá in Slovak paradise. Surrounding of the pond was cleared from outgrown vegetation, there were made needed terrain adjustments and four panels of the educational route with wooden bench were set up.

“No doubt that hiking and bike trails are family silver of Slovakia and because of that we are happy that thanks to the cooperation with the company Toyota, we participate in their maintenance and development in the long term effect. Besides the renewal of trials itself, is the program Live pathways valuable for The Ekopolis Foundation because it reinforce the interest of young people and activists in enhancement of the environment, in which they live and which is visited by visitors and also the program develops worthful cooperation between organisations of different kind” said Peter Medveď, director of The Ekopolis Foundation.

Kontakt: Eva Šcepková, PR manager of The Ekopolis Foundation,, 0908 565 464.

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