Vrakuňa, Ružinov, Podunajské Biskupice and Rovinka will again be supported by Good Neighbor

The Good Neighbor grant program, implemented by the Ekopolis Foundation thanks to cooperation with Slovnaft, offers for the fourth time the opportunity to finance projects in three Bratislava districts and the village of Rovinka. The program is aimed at improving social, cultural or community opportunities, and a total of 30,000 EUR is allocated for grants.

People living in Vrakuňa, Ružinov, Podunajské Biskupice and the village of Rovinka know best what is missing in their communities. The grant program can be a motivation for them to be interested in the development of interesting publicly accessible locations. They can also apply for a grant to organize their local sports or cultural activities. The maximum contribution per project is 4,000 EUR.

The following can apply for a grant:

  • registered non-governmental non-profit organizations
  • primary, secondary and kindergarten schools
  • leisure centers and community centres
  • the districts of Vrakuňa, Podunajské Biskupice, Ružinov and the village of Rovinka

The willingness of residents to get involved in changes in their locality and active volunteering can help a lot in obtaining funds. The cooperation of applicants with self-government or local associations is also important. Supported projects must be implemented within 6 months from the award of the grant.

“Last year, fourteen projects received support from the Good Neighbor grant program. Thanks to the grant, a community garden was created in Trnávka na Pavlovička in the area of ​​the Salesian work, as well as in the elementary school in Rovinka. The Mierová Elementary School managed to build an outdoor playground. The projects have improved the quality of public spaces, expanded the opportunities to meet and actively relax,” Ľubica Štúberová, program manager from the Ekopolis Foundation, describes the intentions of the projects.

The Good Neighbor grant program is a targeted effort by Slovnaft to improve the quality of life in the vicinity of the refinery. He cooperates with the Ekopolis foundation in managing the program and assessing projects.

Applicants can find more information about the program criteria and the application form at this link or from the program manager of the Ekopolis Foundation: Ľubica Štúberová, stuberova@ekopolis.sk, 0902 526 755

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