We already know the finalist of the FOR WATER 2020 competition

The For Water competition has provided an opportunity to young professionals to seek effective solutions for problems with water management in the countryside or in housing estates for the fifth consecutive years. The competition is carried out by the Ekopolis Foundation with the support of the company Nestlé and under the patronage of the Environment minister of the Slovak Republic, Ján Budaj.

The fifth year of the For Water competition is carried out by taking preventive measures and some precaution against COVID 19 and also by contributing many constructive ideas relating to effective water management. „We changed the rules of the competition in the spring due to COVID 19 pandemic.  Apart from shifting the date of the deadline and the the date of results announcement we  also cancelled some duties and some scopes for competitors. We understand that teams could not have worked together due to meeting restrictions and they were not allowed to organize bigger events. Therefore we decided to merge the both categories into one open category and to evaluate all delivered competiton works in one category“, Martina Paulíková, the program manager of the competition of For Water from Ekopolis Foundation, describes the conditions of the competition.  The competitors could have chosen if they solved one of the ten model situations (the situations were nominated by awarding authority, from January 2020, author´s note) or they could have introduced their own solution proposal for another situation. Seven proposals from model situations and two of the received proposals are competitors´ own solution proposals were received.

The deadline of competition proposals of young people in the For Water competition was on 10th November 2020. At the same time an administration control was carried out and some details were added to the proposals. “We received ten proposals of young professionals in  the competition. Nine proposals are included in the evaluation“, says Paulíková.  Now the final is expected where students and young professionals will present their work before the professional committee.

Works which will compete in final for the For Water competition 2020:

  1. Discovery of the Všivák stream in the historical part of Žilina, Jakub Kypus (Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava; Faculty of Architecture and Design)
  2. Proposal for revitalization modifications of the riverbed and banks of the Drázus stream in Rožňava. Michal Tomlain (Matej Bel University)
  3. Possibilities of rainwater management in the main area of SPU(Martin Manina, Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)
  4. Discovery of the Všivák stream in the historical part of Žilina. Samuel Sekera, University of Žilina, Žilina)
  5. Stylization of the wetland area – Trenčianske Biskupice, Miroslav Čibík (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)
  6.  Restoration of Lakšár lake, Tomáš Kysel, Technical university in Zvolen
  7. Making the pond more attractive in the area of the dilapidated Byšta Spa, Andrea Zajacová (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)
  8. Flood and erosion control measures in the village of Veľké Zálužie, Jakub Pagáč, Alexandra Pagáčová Mokrá (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)
  9. Discovery of the Všivák stream and revitalization of the SNP orchard in Žilina, Štefan Jančár, Dominika Ľudviková (Technical University in Košice)

The final of the competition will take place online and privately on the 10th December 2020 and, it will begin at 9 o´clock am. The results will be announced to the public on 27th January 2021 during a live broadcasting via social media. The winner of the open category will receive a Nestlé award to the total value of 1000 euros. The second and the third place can obtain a financial award to the total value of 500 euros and 200 euros. All the competitive proposals will be handed to their owners. They will be able to carry out their plans with water according to their own needs.

The competition is developed by the Ekopolis Foundation and thanks to the financial support of Nestlé. You can obtain more information on the competition by writing to Martina B. Paulíková

paulikova@ekopolis.sk or www.sutazprevodu.sk

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