Bike to Work campaign – this year with a photo competition

For the 5th year in a row, the Ekopolis Foundation has been offering the opportunity to take part in a photo competition during the largest campaign supporting the development of bicycle transport in Slovakia. Just get on your bike and immortalize your way to work on a bike in a competition photo.

More than 5,300 cyclists from all over Slovakia will take to the streets on two wheels during September. As part of the To Work on a Bike campaign, they will draw attention to the need to improve conditions for non-motorized transport and compete for their cities. However, participants can also win prizes for themselves if they participate in the Ekopolis Foundation photography competition. “This year, under the slogan” Get on your bike and save the world “, we are again curious what the daily rides of the campaign participants will look like and we are already looking forward to the autumn photos,” says Martina Ragalová from the Ekopolis Foundation.

“It will be possible to send photos to the competition by publishing them in the Instagram application, when the contestant will mark the photo on his profile with the hashtag” #dopracenabicykli “, or send it to us simply by e-mail to where the vote will take place “says Ragalová. All conditions of the competition are published on the website

This year, too, participants will compete in three categories – the most popular photo on Instagram, Facebook, and the organizers will also award the Ekopolis Foundation Award. The winners will receive a voucher worth 100€ for purchase in the cycling e-shop. The deadline for taking photos to the competition is September 30, 2020, but voting is October 5, 2020. The winners will be announced at the evaluation event of the To Work on a Bike campaign.

All conditions of the competition can be found HERE or here:

Contact person: Martina Ragalová,, tel .: 0908 371 289

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