Hidepark in Nitra renewed – a brand-new barbecue zone and bicycle racks

Volunteers in Hidepark in Nitra didn’t let the coronavirus to stop them. Thanks to their hard work, the park will receive the visitors in new shape, once the pandemic is over.

In January, the volunteers started the digging – and before the lockdown, they managed to adjust and level off the terrain using the heavy machinery, all to assure safer access to the park. They even reused the materials from the old time-worn grill to create a brand-new barbecue zone. The last renewal phase is now waiting for the right time – the volunteers will install bicycle racks and woodworks – those need to be worked, painted, and joined to modules. After that, the barbecue zone will get the final touch, and will be made ready to await the visitors. However, this phase has to wait.

“We are glad that – despite these challenging times – we have been able to continue improving green areas around Slovakia, under the “Kelt helps the nature” initiative. This time, we chose Hidepark in Nitra, our favourite spot. Besides other things, local nature lovers will get to enjoy the new barbecue zone. We hope they will appreciate it even more once these difficult times are over and they will be able to enjoy the renewed Hidepark together with their friends and families. At the moment, it is crucial to be responsible and stay at home when possible,” advises Radka Stratená, a brand manager in Kelt.

Final works and the opening ceremony were originally scheduled for Saturday, May 23, 2020 – along with 10 years anniversary of Hidepark. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, opening the park to the public had to be postponed, until the situation allows.

“The most responsible thing we can all do these days, is to stay at home whenever possible, and protect not only ourselves but also others from COVID-19. However, it is important to boost the immunity, too. Walks and spending time in nature, play a great part. By working outside, our volunteers continue to help the community and the environment. Of course, they have to wear face masks and keep the safe distance from each other.” says Martina Paulíková, a project program manager in Ekopolis Foundation.

Hidepark was first created in 2010, originally as a music venue. Volunteers aggrandized the area and revitalized former sludge lagoon and rests of an illegal dump. Today, the visitors can enjoy a communal garden, pump track, u-ramp, petanque, parkour, stage, outdoor kitchen and facilities for volunteers from local associations. Every summer, Hidepark hosts alternative culture events, as well as sports events and ecology aimed activities.


Ekopolis Foundation has been organizing Project “Kelt helps the nature” – with support of KELT – since 2017. In the first year, the volunteers renewed barbecue zones on three locations – village of Zázrivá, Borkút holiday resort in Prešov and in village of Zálesie nearby Malý Dunaj river. In 2018, location of Záhrada pod Starým Zámkom in the centre of Banská Štiavnica got renewed. In 2020, besides Hidepark in Nitra, volunteers will upgrade a barbecue area in the forests nearby Partizánska lúka in Bratislava.

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