The project Everyone on your bike brings a summer competition and a new application for cyclists

The Ekopolis Foundation is one of the project partners for Everyone on your bike. Families, individuals and sports enthusiasts can ride their bikes all summer using the mobile app Everyone on your bike which is available free of charge from 6 July 2016 and includes more than 200 target destinations complete with full descriptions. The app brings inspiration directly to people in summer and significantly simplifies the planning of family trips.

The app, which serves as a map of inspiration for trips, was created by DAJAMA, a Slovak family business which has devoted its time in the topics of tourism and promotion of the natural and cultural beauties of Slovakia for over 20 years. Using a fun method, they decided to encourage people to spend their summers actively on their bikes discovering their own country.

“The project shows people that there are a lot of interesting places here at home for cyclists to visit. It is about experiences that do not cost a lot of money,” says Daniela Kollárová, project manager at DAJAMA.

App users can, for example, discover a two-storey bunker from 1937 with two steel bells, or the so-called “Written stone” which is a monument to the dispute between Mikuláš Pálffy and the then Prešporok (today’s Bratislava). The app also shows many churches, manor houses and vistas in addition to bicycle shops and places for refreshment.

At the moment, the pilot project only covers the Bratislava region. Next year should see an expansion to cover all of Slovakia. “We are gradually publishing cycling guides under the title The most beautiful cycling routes for different regions of Slovakia. Accordingly, we would also like to gradually expand the coverage of the app,” says the project manager.

Summer long competition

On the one hand the app serves as a map of points of interest with photographs and short informative descriptions. On the other, it should also motivate people via its summer competition. Among the main prizes there are three bikes from the Slovak company Kenzel, which is the general partner of the project, cycling wear, bicycle accessories and rides on bikes.

For families and sportsmen

“The competition is set up so that anyone, from recreational cyclists and families with children to more serious cyclists, can participate. They all have a chance to win,” says Daniela Kollárová. Competitors have to register and pay the entry fee which is valid the whole summer. They automatically receive a starter kit with items of value and refreshments. The next step is to download the free app for Android and iPhones, and then they can start discovering the beauties of the region.

Each location on the map is assigned certain points and these are automatically counted in the cyclist’s application.

The app recognizes individual and family categories, however, it is possible to win if a competitor visits the most places during the summer. Each participant will be included in the final draw and for every 100 points accumulated they gain another draw.

The competition ends on 31.08.2016 and the results will be declared by the organizers at the official draw ceremony in September.


Download the applications from Google Play and Apple Store

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